A Friend of the Earth

About Bob

Robert B. Ragland, M.D. was born, raised and continues to live in Jacksonville, Florida.  After attending Virginia Military Institute, he went to the University of Florida where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1941.  He then graduated from Duke University Medical School, where he also did his internship in Pediatrics.  Upon finishing his residency at Vanderbilt University Hospital and a third year at Duke, he returned to Jacksonville where he began his private practice.

In 1956 he closed his practice and enrolled in the Seminary at Sewanee, The University of the South, where he remained until he accepted a fellowship at Chapel Hill in child psychiatry.  He entered psychiatric practice in Asheville, NC, but then returned to Jacksonville in 1964 to begin a long battle to try to save his family property (affectionately known as "Grandma's Farm") from destruction by the building of Interstate Highway 295 around Jacksonville.  His efforts propelled him headlong into the role of environmental activist and crusader for social justice.  In 2008 he was presented with the Champion of the Environment Award by the Sierra Club, in recognition of his lifelong accomplishments as a defender of the Planet Earth.

His autobiography, Genesis of a Rebel, published in 2008, tells his story of a life of rebel, who for all of his pursuit of causes, is at heart a very gentle man and a lover of nature.

This website is a continuation of that story, as transcribed from his Smith Corona manual typewriter by a group of passionate friends and fellow rebels.


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